Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads

In the Fall of 2018, we were driving west across Tennessee, and decided to take some backroads to bypass Nashville. We went north then west, through towns like Gallatin, Cross Plains, Cedar Hill, into Kentucky at Guthrie… Lots of cool towns and scenery, including “Smoking Barns” which was a new thing for us. Apparently, they smoke tobacco leaves (like smoking food) before processing into chewing tobacco.

We ended up in Trenton, KY, where we found Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads. A great find in a small town off the beaten path.

Smoking Barn, and tobacco drying racks near Gallatin, KY – October 2018

Recently we were headed south along I-24 again, through Kentucky towards Atlanta. Trenton KY is only about 10 miles off the highway, so we decided to visit Quilt and Sew again. This time we got to meet the owner, Denise Shivers, and learned some of the history of her shop and her philosophy as shop owner. “It’s not about the product, it’s about the people. I want to be a place where people enjoy getting together.”

Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads
Main Street, Trenton, KY

This strip of buildings, which make up most of downton Trenton, date from the late 1880s. Originally, the taller section of the building (with the yellow door) was the end of the row, a pharmacy with a doctor’s office in the back. The doctor then added on a larger suite at the end. Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads includes both buildings. The former exterior wall runs through the store, with the brick hand-scraped clean by Denise!

Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads first opened about 10 years ago, 2 doors down. Denise then renovated the current location, but keeps a large classroom in the original space. Denise’s favorite class to teach is Quilting 101, as she loves to get beginners started and excited about quilting.

Quilt and Sew boasts a fabric collection of over 4000 bolts from various vendors. The fabrics, samples, and kits are grouped by theme: the Batiks room, Christmas room, Americana corner, etc. A wide variety of notions, patterns and gift items make shopping here a treasure hunt!

Since our last visit, several new shops have opened in the rest of the block, which is nice to see.  A sandwich shop, florist, and yarn/needlecrafts shop add to the charm of the area.

Linda and Denise

Quilt and Sew at Golden Threads

115 South Main Street, Trenton KY 270-466-5000 quiltandsew.denise@gmail.com


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