Older… Now Better

We all have projects that get started, then fall by the wayside. Often to never rise again. But sometimes they do get remembered.

This quilt top was started way back in in 2003 or 2004, as a sample when Linda was teaching quilting classes. But it never got turned into an finished quilt. Now, a decade and a half later, it is being used as practice for long arm quilting. The quilting here was automated using Quilters Creative Touch 5 – Beginnings. We’ve only recently added the automated capability.

The Fabric and the pattern for the top are not remembered
The quilting pattern is call Rhythm, from Urban Elements
The (almost) finished quilt is 48”x 56” (lap size).

Of course, it’s not QUITE finished, it still needs binding. Hopefully that won’t take another 15+ years!

Jennifer’s Baby Quilt

Leymore Star made from squares and half-square-triangles (HST). Finished with “inside-out” method, then tacked with yarn.

Size: Approx. 46”x46”
Date: Early 1987

While awaiting our first child, we created matching nursery accessories, including this crib quilt. We made cardboard templates, and Larry traced and cut all the pieces. Linda sewed the pieces together, sashed, attached ruffle, and the after the layers were sewn together, the quilt was “birthed”.

Can you see how many spots we tacked? Yeah, four! The batting hasn’t held up very well through the years, but this is still a treasured piece!