Ireland In My Dreams

This was my first quilt made after we moved to the Midwest, a long time ago! It was also the first large quilt I had ever made. We enjoyed it on our bed for many years, but it began showing its age (heavy use!) and was retired.

Ireland In My Dreams, completed early 1990s

The quilt pattern is “Evening in Ireland” by Trudie Hughes.  (Found  in Even More – Book Three of the Template-Free Quiltmaking series.) Fabrics were from a local quilt shop and a big box store, and it was machine quilted with an edge-to-edge design by another local machine dealer/longarm quilter.

The pattern incorporates the Variable Star, the Puss-In-The-Corner, and the Irish Chain blocks. I had never worked with strip sets before, and “fast triangles” were a completely foreign concept. With all these new challenges, I also added “go big” and made a king-sized quilt!

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